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Leased Line


Leased Line with Optical Fibre Connection

Metro-Ethernet or called Metro-E, is similar with a normal Dedicated Leased Line that offers security, speed, stability and assurance with one major difference, higher bandwidth. This is achieved through the usage of optical fibre connection rather than ADSL. Recommended for businesses that needs to support heavy data usage systems and simultaneous workflows.

Bringing you peace of mind with a single secure network for better management of your company’s entire value chain. With direct access connection, there will not be any third party’s intrusion into the connection, a total dedication to service quality.



Below shows differences between dedicated leased line and metro-ethernet:
Leased Line Metro-Ethernet
Using ADSL connection which or copper line Using Optical Fiber connection
Limitation when comes to bandwidth due to copper conduction capability, the limitation of the bandwidth is usually hovering around 8Mbps No limitation of bandwidth which supports speed from 1Mbps to 1GBps or more



Most of corporations, institutions and government agencies use this technology to connect different locations together to achieve a higher efficiency of business workflows.

  • Highly scalablecapacity can be easily adjusted as requested without physical conversion taking place
  • Highly secure, highest industry standard encryption
  • High bandwidthwithout any limitation which enables of extension to infinity
  • High speed with low latencyfast and reliable to handle bandwidth-intensive applications

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