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Cybersecurity Solutions

Our Cybersecurity Solution included Abatis DDoS Security, Vulnerability Assessment and Security Awareness Training and Phishing.
Abatis DDoS Cloud-Based DDoS Protection Service

Abatis DDoS Security is a Cloud-based DDoS protection service. LightsUp Network Solution added protective features provides more value towards DDoS Protection. In Abatis DDoS, we features:

  1. DDoS Protection
  2. Caching
  3. Load Balancing
  4. SSL Attack Mitigation

Without proper protection, your networks are vulnerable to many cyber-attacks that go well beyond this list. Focus on more high-end DDoS attack, Abatis DDoS Security provides protection for volumetric DDoS attack.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a complementary practice to penetration test (pentest). It aimed at mitigating potential risks such as data leakage and unauthorized access to sensitive company information.

LNS offers an enterprise-grade Vulnerability Assessment service that combines comprehensive IT asset discovery and inventory management with the identification and mitigation of both internal and external threats. Our assessment provides detailed reports on risks and ensures compliance with current and future regulations, such as PCI and GDPR. With our service, you gain visibility into shadow IT, obtain a complete map of your attack surface, and effectively address critical vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats.

Security Awareness Training and Phishing

Our acclaimed Security Awareness Training and Phishing solution enables organizations to assess and enhance employees’ security awareness while testing the effectiveness of their IT defenses.

By simulating phishing attacks, we identify technical infrastructure vulnerabilities and security awareness vulnerabilities. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. We conduct cyber-attack simulations, train employees, and engage them to fortify your defenses before real threats occur.

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