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LNS Next Gen Internet

LNS Next gen internet is a cutting-edge solution that combines multiple internet connections into a single, reliable connection with faster bandwidth and lower latency. With multiple independent connections merging into one unified stream, users can experience unlimited high-speed internet even in rural areas where the internet is limited or obsolete.

LNS Next Gen internet works by combining the following


Businesses subscribe to LNS Next Gen Internet to enjoy stable network connectivity, especially in rural areas or areas with limited internet service. Companies in remote areas such as plantationsagriculture, mining, and manufacturing will find weak signals to the internet. Existing satellite internet services are too expensive with limited bandwidth; hence internet bonding provides online reliability and security- especially for businesses that need an uninterrupted flow of data throughout the day to support digital transformation approaches.

Three separate 100 Mbps upload and download internet speeds can join together to a single 300 Mbps network connection.

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